Maintenance Contracts

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Thornton can deliver peace of mind for landlords and tenants anxious to avoid surprises as a result of inclement weather including flash storms with our range of maintenance plans.

These plans follow best building practice and include periodic checks of roofs, guttering and rainwater pipes to protect buildings against the ravages of flash storms that can result in business disruption and damaged stock.

This may well be a clause within your lease, an insurance company requirement or a requirement of warranty this basic ‘housekeeping’ can often be overlooked meaning, for example, that roofing guarantees can be compromised.

Committing to an annual building health check from Thornton removes these concerns.

Thornton maintenance experience includes contracts at:

  • Junction One Antrim
  • Swords Business Park Dublin
  • Danske Bank
  • Castlemall Antrim
  • Outlet Banbridge
  • Castlecourt Belfast
  • Odyssey Arena Belfast
  • Bow St Mall
  • Ards Shopping Centre
  • Rushmere Shopping Centre
  • Merchant Hotel

We also work in conjunction with others, to provide maintenance and repair services to leading Retailers such as ASDA and Tesco.

Kennedy Centre:

Annual clean of Single-Ply PVC roofs and gutters, including removal of all debris,  power wash of the full roof areas, inspection of roofing systems and repairs as necessary.

Castle Mall:

Annual inspection and clean of all gutters and PVC roofing systems.

Morgan Document Storage:

Monthly inspection and clean of all guttering and flat roofing systems.

Danske Bank:

Annual inspection and clean of guttering and roofs on various sites throughout NI, including power wash of front facades.